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This page is intended to be an archive of papers and presentations by the student teams of the Big Problems course Energy and Energy Policy. This course is taught by R. Stephen Berry and George Tolley.

Autumn 2015

Team 1: "The Future of Methanol Fuel: An Analysis on the Feasibility of Methanol as an Alternative Fuel"
by Peter Huang, Hongyi Ju, Shao Tan, Hao Wang, Tony Zhao
- Paper (PDF, 2.5 MB)
- Model (XLS, 27 KB)

Team 2: "Nuclear Waste Management: A social, technical, and economic approach"
by Tianhao (Harold) Chen, Tunan Chen, Shucen Liu, Cheng Peng, Yicheng Shen
- Paper (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Team 3: "The Incentives, Criteria, and Problems Associated with Investment in New Energy and Battery Technology"
by Alexander Athenson, Fabian Damm, Sushmitha Muppidi, Eitamar Nadler, Robert Pertschy, Erin Risk
- Paper (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Team 4: "Geographic Cost-Benefit Analysis of Purchase Schemes for Residential Solar Panels"
by Dylan Finley, Navea Frazier, Karin Gorski, Hailey Kim, Jean Lee, Angel Sun
- Paper (PDF, 4.8 MB)

Team 5: "CostBenefit Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Use in an 'Average' US Commercial Building"
by Elvin Bora, Wu Hao, Nathan Mariano, Deniz Ozensoy, Eduardo Zulueta
- Paper (PDF, 922 KB)

Team 6: "Outlook for Energy Storage Technology: A Basic Materials Perspective"
by Brennan King, Zhengye (Lumin) Chen, Miles Bloomenkranz, Daniel Estevez, Surya Giri
- Paper (PDF, 2 MB)

Team 7: "The Future of Solar Energy in the US: A Technological, Political and Financial Enquiry"
by Brandon Garcia, Arvind Iyengar, Hannah Kenagy, Cara LoPiano, Madhav Seth, Brian Yan
- Paper (DOC, 412 KB)

Team 8: "Supplying Crude Oil to Yemen and India: Exploring the Hurdles to Energy Access for Net-Importers and Net-Exporters"
by Andréa Breslin, Ayesha Saksena, Samantha Weiss, Alessandro Zito
- Paper (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Team 9: "Hydraulic Fracturing: Past, Present, and Future - An analysis of the economic and environmental impacts of 'fracking' in the United States"
by Garrett Apel, Jamison Huang, Miguel Lora, Katie Oliver, Ivy Zhang
- Paper (PDF, 4.4 MB)

Team 10: "An Analysis of the Lack of Investment and Implementation of Plasma Gasification in the United States"
by Duncan McGillivary, Emily Yi, Ferdinand Chan, Gabriel Loboguerrero, Kelvin Lee, Kevin Wei
- Paper (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Team 11: "Cap-and-Trade: An Analysis of the Application of Market-Based Strategies in the U.S. to Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases"
by Brandon Bratsafolis, Spencer W. G. Byrne, Paul Comet, Christopher Dengler, Gregory Thome, Justin Waney
- Paper (PDF, 2 MB)

Team 12: "An Analysis of the Kureimat Integrated Solar Combined Plant and its Relevance to the New and Renewable Energy Agency of Egypt"
by David Vioque, Apostolos Aposolou, William Costich, Jacob Crawford
- Paper (PDF, 3.3 MB)

Team 13: "Cost Benefit Analysis of Shale Gas Development"
by Salman Ali, Rakhee Jain, Rutvik Joglekar & James Sweeney
- Paper (DOC, 4.4 MB)

Team 14: "Diversifying Ethiopia’s Energy Portfolio with Geothermal Energy: A Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Corbetti Concession’s Potential to Offset Hydroelectric Overdependence"
by Cyrus Adamiyatt, Daniel Kang, Martin Montoya-Olsson, Romain de Planta, Andrew Song, Justin Shin
- Paper (PDF, 1.3 MB)
- Spreadsheet (XLS, 1.3 MB)

Team 15: "The Construction of the Baihetan Dam: A Cost-Benefit Analysis"
by Cyril Ekierman, Juan Mejia, Carolina Miranda Rodrigues
- Paper (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Team 16: "Effective and Sustainable Policy for the Introduction of Iranian Natural Gas to the European Market as a Response to the Iran Nuclear Deal"
by Jeremy HarveyBrown, Sommy Irani, Marcus Marable, Michael Stittgen
- Paper (PDF, 711 KB)

Team 17: "Bringing Electricity to SubSaharan Africa"
by Colin Macri, Ryan Oros, and Ben Clark
- Paper (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Team 18: "Breaking the Blendwall: Meeting the RFS through explanded E85 consumption"
by Joseph I. Greene, Christopher L. Mason, Nick Murphy, Benjamin Shenwick, Liam T. Ward
- Paper (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Team 19: "The Economics and Future of Electric Powered Automobiles: A Cobb-Douglas utility model of electric vehicle consumption and economic cost of electric vehicle adoption in the United States"
by Andrew Xue, Mackenzie Strabala, Diane Lee, Paul Lou, and Anne Qiu
- Paper (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Team 20: "The Clean Power Plan by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: An Analysis of States"
by Alexander Bischoff, Aaron Deng, Caylen Erger, Deepa Garg, Madelaine Pisani
- Paper (PDF, 2 MB)

Team 21: "Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethanol as a Motor Fuel Cross-Country Comparisons between the U.S. and Brazil"
by Jessica Loo, Raymond Dong, Ted Barrett, Basak Sunar, Clay Fisher, Jiani Chen, Andrew Lindsay
- Paper (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Team 22: "Incentives, criteria and problems for investment in new energy technologies: A cost-benefit analysis of hydrogen fuel cell buses in the United States"
by Jerry Chen, Josh Herzberg, Rishab Mittal, Kerry Zhang
- Paper (PDF, 6.4 MB)

Team 23: "Rise of the YieldCos: Can Tax Efficient Corporate Entities Spur Renewable Electricity Generation?"
by Mohit Hajarnis, Frederic Liegl, Mark Jazbik, Lauren Weinberg
- Paper (PDF, 30.7 MB)

Team 24: "The Legislative, Economic, And Ethical Effects Of Biofuel Mandates: The Unintended Consequences"
by Michael Millman, Kyle Zheng, Kyle Nitiss
- Paper (PDF, 3.2 MB)

Team 25: "Nuclear Reprocessing: Technological, Economic, and Social Problems"
by Amy Park, Jonathan Ling, Michelle Jiang, Parina Lalchandani
- Paper (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Team 26: "LEED: Is Building Green Worth the Investment?"
by Amy Zhang, Betty Liu, Judy Zhou, Mehmet Arslan, Ahmet Yalcin
- Paper (DOC, 405 KB)

Team 27: "An Economic Evaluation of Solar Roadways"
by Scott Herlihy, Jennifer Kreps, Jordan Smith, and John Steinberg
- Paper (DOC, 1.6 MB)

Team 28: "Barriers to Developing Solar Energy in Saudi Arabia:
A Profitability Analysis of the Transition to Solar Energy and a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Installing 41 GW of Solar Energy by 2032"
by Junil Kim, Sang Won Lee, Melissa Park, Jay Rho, Chan Yoon
- Paper (DOC, 9.1 MB)

Autumn 2014

Team 1: "The Role of Waste Reprocessing in the Future of US Nuclear Energy"
by Christine Comfort, Trevor Coyle, Nathan Lane, Pietro Reggiani, Jeremy Weller, Michael Wheeler
- Paper (PDF, 1.1 MB)
- Model (XLS, 413 KB)

Team 2: "Consequences of U.S. Ethanol Policy in Energy, Economics and Distribution of Wealth"
by Lavine K. Hemlani, Jared B. Lenner, Deepak Sabada, Ankur Bhargava, Gordon Zhang, Calvin Deutschbein
- Paper (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Team 3:"Damming the Congo: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Inga 3 Hydropower Project"
by Ryan Gruver, Edward Lieb, Michael Shen, Leandra Trudeau, Wendy Wei, Dylan West
- Paper (PDF, 1.2 MB)
- Model (XLS, 114 KB)

Team 4: "The Progression of Nuclear Power: A Cost-Benefit Comparison of Nuclear Fuels and an Overview of the Future of Nuclear Power"
by Jonny Behrens, Matthew Cason, Alice Chang, Andrea Lawlor, Jose Pereira, Jennifer Um
- Paper (PDF, 2 MB)
- Model (XLS, 325 KB)

Team 5: "A Case Study and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing
in Williams County, North Dakota"

by Ariadne Souroutzidis, Biying Ling, Eitan Amiel, Evgeny Maslennikov, Noor Singh, Sannidhi Sharma
- Paper (PDF, 2.2 MB)
- Model (XLS, 105 KB)

Team 6: "The Potentials and Problems of Expanding Use of Shale Gas in the Continental U.S."
by Cammie Chan, Brendan Fan, Ayhan Kucuk, Crystal Meng, Roberta Weiner, Rongchen Zhu
- Paper (PDF, 2.1 MB)
- Paper (DOC, 3.5 MB)
- Model (XLS, 88 KB)
- Presentation (PPT, 1.8 MB)

Team 7: "Commercializing Solar Power: The Efficacy of Price and Quantity Instruments in Incentivizing Private Investment"
by Prasan Srinivasan, Donna Chen, Michael Chen, Vivian Tu, Johannes Zhou
- Paper (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Team 8: "Waste-to-Energy in Mumbai, India - A Cost-Benefit Analysis: Why Waste-to-Energy isn’t Catching Fire in India"
by Camille Bishop, Upasna Chakravarty, Xiaolun Cheng, Ruchi Mahadeshwar,
Varsha Sundar, Jeannie Xu
- Paper (PDF, 4.9 MB)
- Paper (DOC, 480 KB)

Team 9: "Brazil’s Belo Monte: A Cost-Benefit Analysis"
by Apratim Guatam, Ian Haubold, Vicky Pacey, David Papirnik, Mehek Premjee, Patrick Schlumpf
- Paper (PDF, 1.5 MB)
- Model (XLS, 4.2 MB)

Team 10: "Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors: Traditional Nuclear Plant Comparison Analysis and Feasibility Study"
by Howard Chiang, Yihao Jiang, Sam Levine, Kris Pittard, Kevin Qian, Pam Yu
- Paper (PDF, 1.4 MB)
- Model (XLS, 50 KB)

Team 11: "Economic Analysis of Nuclear Waste Management"
by Ashley Krolopp, Sam Shapiro, Arnav Sharma, Daniel Shear, Emily Wolfson, Zeynep Yavuz
- Paper (PDF, 2 MB)

Team 12: "Technological, Economic, Social, and Political Barriers and Inducements to the Development of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Sources"
by Jason Gibbons, Mark Koziel, Matheus Santiago, & Kwehnui Tawah
- Paper (DOC, 2 MB)

Team 13: "A Cost Benefit Analysis of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles"
by Jawad Arshad, Jawwad Zakaria, David Sung, Raymond Chi, Eduardo Cisneros, Zacharias Bouras
- Paper (PDF, 3 MB)

Team 14: "Solar Industry and Incentives: Implications and the Future of the Solar Investment Tax Credit"
by Lear Jiang, Adeed Choudhury, Parker Tikson, Kevin Matheny, Daniel Yan
- Paper (DOC, 2.2 MB)

Team 15: "Economic Analysis of Protectionist US Trade Policy on Chinese Solar Exports"
by Matt Fondacaro, James Harter, Dan Matam, Sabahudin Redzepovic, Amay Sheth, Elaine Tang
- Paper (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Autumn 2013

"Electric Car Adoption with a Focus On The Tesla Model S: A Cost Benefit Analysis"
by Andrew Bak, Harsh Hiranandani, Jameson Moriarty, Pranav Gandhi, Rohan Manthani, Sachin Sharma, Varoon Rai
- Paper (PDF, 8 MB)

"High Speed Rail Line in the United States: A Feasibility Study"
by Alexander Bennett, James Ebert, Benjamin Herst, Daniel Kraft, Scott Southern  
- Paper (PDF, 12.8 MB)
- Energy Efficiency Analysis (XLSX, 637 KB)
- Operating Model (XLSX, 662 KB)

"Grid-Level Battery Technology: Technology and Policy Considerations in New England"
by Adriana Ciccone, Dylan Cohen, Sung Kim, Alexander Zavoluk
- Paper (PDF, 273 KB)

"Another Look on Algal Biofuel"
by Andrea H., Elina K., Lorenzo I., Matheus S., Micheil H.
- Paper (PDF, 1.5 MB)

"U.S. Offshore Wind Analysis: Considerations for creating a regulatory and business environment conducive to the development of offshore wind power in the United States of America"
by Benjamin Buchheim-Jurisson, Julia Chang, Stephanie Mui, Daniel Povitsky
- Paper (PDF, 833 KB)
- DCF Model (XLSX, 93 KB)
- Cost Benefit (XLSX, 79 KB)

"Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing: Technological, Social, and Economic Problems"
by Magdalena Naziemiec, Josh Burandt, Sam Gage, Stephanie Yu, Molly Blondell
- Paper (PDF, 807 KB)

"Data Center Economizers: A Cost-Benefit Analysis"
by David Boddy, Euphenia Chen, Amy Coombs, Sonya Dekhtyar, John Faughnan
- Paper (DOC, 339 KB)

"Renewable Portfolio Standards in Colorado and California: A Cost-Benefit Analysis"
by Ioann Galitzine, Raveen Mathew & Soma Szabo
- Paper (DOC, 833 KB)
- DSIRE Map (PDF, 93 KB)
- Cost Benefit Analysis (XLSX, 79 KB)

"A Cost-Benefit Analysis of California’s SB-4 Law on the Scope of Water"
by Shannee Braun, Kailin Hu, Katherine Knight, Andrew Stevenson, Stephanie Wu
- Paper (PDF, 1.5 MB)

"Evaluating Pittsburgh’s Municipal Hydraulic Fracturing Moratorium: The Costs and Benefits of Fracing vs. Coal Power Generation"
by Elise Houren, Mike Roth, Max Schwartz, Colleen Wang
- Paper (DOC, 9.7 MB)
- Appendix A (XLSX, 75 KB)
- Appendix B (XLSX, 23 KB)
- Appendix C (XLSX, 64 KB)

Autumn 2012

"An Analysis of the Profitability, the Economic, & Environmental Impacts of Increasing Wind Energy"
by Harrison Abrams Ashley M. Edwards Roger Madejski Ekin Oflazer Emmie Schlessinger
- Paper (PDF, 622 KB)

"The Market for Solar Photovoltaics in Illinois: An analysis of buying and leasing payment schemes for residential and commercial entities"
by Justina Chung, Arnav Dalmia, Stephanie Chiao, and Vincent Pham
- Paper (PDF, 1.8 MB)
- Model (XLSM, 63 KB)

"Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Reprocessing"
by Mohamad Abdallah, Hui Min Chang, David Hampton, Abdulla Mahmood, Faisal Mahmood, Calvin Wong
- Paper (PDF, 827 KB)

"Cost-Benefit Analysis: Feasibility of Natural Gas Vehicle Implementation"
by Seohyun Stephanie Chang, Yechan Cho, Seung Ho Andy Han, Hye Sung Kim, Hae Yun Park, Eugene Pyun, Jisun Yu
- Paper (PDF, 3.6 MB)
- Appendix (XLSX, 188 KB)

"Advancing the Battery and Electric Vehicle Industries: A Benefit-Cost Analysis"
by Adjoa Asiedu, Mitchella Gilbert, Jackson Jenkins, Jason Lee, Piriya Thepkanjana, Rui Ping Zhu
- Paper (PDF, 3.6 MB)

"Nuclear Energy as Renewable: An Aconomical and Social Analysis"
by Xiaoxing Xia, Xu Xiao, Yuyao Wu, Yilan Chen, Ruixi Mao, Arin Schwartz
- Paper (PDF, 471 KB)

"Corn Ethanol Viability: An Analysis of Corn Ethanol as an Alternative to Petroleum Based Fuel in the United States"
by Gabriel Tamez, Christopher Cheng, John Tabash, Alexander Golovin John-Reynold Lopez, JJ Luria, Leonardo Copanski
- Paper (PDF, 683 KB)

"capturing CO2"
by Victor Gutwein, Brittany Agostino, Erik Landry, Nathan Wilson, Alexis Morris, Woyou Zeng
- Paper (PDF, 1.7 MB)

"Solar Energy in Chile: Is it a sustainable solution for energy demands in the Atacama region?"
by Jacob Kuss and Neil Karandikar
- Paper (DOCX, 316 KB)

Autumn 2011

Class Projects
- All papers (PDF, 3.4 MB)

  • Phase 1 of the Chicago South Works Development Project: a Bene t-Cost Analysis of Energy Savings to the City of Chicago
    by Leah Baker, Je rey Kowar, Nathalie Lowenthal-Savy, Julian Plough, and Andrew Stevens
  • A Lerner Curve Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Grid Parity in California
    by Amy Hua, Brian Wille, Pratick Mukherjee, and William Burgo
  • Small Modular Reactors: Technological, Economic, and Social Feasibility
    by Travis Dietz, Max Krasity, Kelli Maleckar, and Thomas Wang
  • Can We Achieve 20% Wind Energy By 2030? A Critical Factor Analysis
    by Matthew Gallery, Michael Lance, Francis Adarkwa, and Steven Chase
  • Technological, Sociopolitical, and Economical Barriers for Algae Fuel—A Case for Greater Government Investment
    by Brittany Gifford, Dhruv Hemmady, Sung Jae Joo, Hye Jin Park
  • Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale: A Technological, Economic, and Environmental Analysis
    by Bryanne Halfhill, Alice Li, Anthony Pence

Autumn 2010

"Policy Recommendations to Develop Offshore Wind Power in the United States"
by Team 1: Cathy Chen, Yiting Chen, Hee Jung Chung, Filipp Makoveev, Hye Jung Lee
- Paper (PDF, 664 KB)

"Tackling Information Barriers: Adoption of Energy Efficient Technologies Through the HERS Index"
by Team 2: Jessica Bonsall, Ioannis Dinapogias, Isabel Hujoel, Luvean Myers, Kristin Totten
- Paper (PDF, 356 KB)

"The Science and Economics of the Bloom Box: Their Use as a Source of Energy in California"
by Team 4: Grayling Bassett, Archibald England, Frank Li, John Weinberger, Andrew Wong
- Paper (PDF, 2.4 MB)

"Increasing Nuclear Power Use in the United States"
by Team 5: Bharat Kilaru, Matej Mavricek, Yvonne Szeto, Mounica Yanamandala
- Paper (PDF, 1.6 MB)
- Supplement 1 (XLS, 96 KB)
- Supplement 2 (XLS, 16 KB)
- Supplement 3 (XLS, 136 KB)

"A Chicago Case-Study of Frontier Technologies in Local Power Generation: Offshore Wind, Rooftop Solar Panel and, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells"
by Team 6: Alex Boghosian, Patrick Lin, Ruinan Liu, Zsolt Terdik
- Paper (PDF, 468 KB)

"Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing: Future Prospects and Viability"
by Team 7: Damon Kenul, Austin Kesar, Sithara Kodali, Dan Plechaty, Anna Szabo, Ignacio Tagtachian
- Paper (PDF, 696 KB)

"Emerging High-Speed Rail Initiative in the Midwest: A Case Study of the St. Louis-Chicago Line"
by Team 8: Lauren Tarpey, Marie Donahue, Chad Joyce, Rachel Kenser, Katy Alberti
- Paper (PDF, 928 KB)

Autumn 2009

"Algae Biodiesel: A Feasibility Report"
by Team 1: Yihe Gao, Chapin Gregor, Yuanjie Liang, Dawei Tang, Caitlin Tweed
- Paper (PDF, 508 KB)

"Renewable Energy and Developing Countries: The Cases of India and Nigeria"
by Team 2: Nikhil Gahlawat, Lauren Harper, Paul Hendricks, Christian Okoye, Joe Pankow, Brad Serpico
- Paper (PDF, 584 KB)

"Prospects and Analysis of Potential CNG Vehicle Implementation in China"
by Team 3: Praket Jha, Kathlyn Ngo, Pawan Patel, Maryna Trusova, Roberto Kutcher
- Paper (PDF, 1.7 MB)

"Frontier Battery Development for Hybrid Vehicles"
by Team 4: Heather Lewis, Marion Paolini, H.P., Matthew Streit, Alan Tsui
- Paper (PDF, 640 KB)

"Combined Heat and Power Systems: Identifying Economic and Policy Barriers to Growth"
by Team 5: Adil Kalam, Abigail King, Ellen Moret, Upekha Weerasinghe
Consultant: Michael Roytburd
- Paper (PDF, 3.8 MB)

"The Place of Solar Power: An Economic Analysis of Concentrated and Distributed Solar Bower"
by Team 6: Aldo Arnone, Vanessa Banoni, Maria Fondeur, Annabel Hodge, J. Patrick Offner, & Jordan Phillips
- Paper (PDF, 640 KB)

"The Role of Natural Gas as a Primary Fuel in the Near Future. Including Comparisons of Acquisition, Transmission and Waste Handling Costs of Gas with Competitive Alternatives"
by Team 7: Sara Sayeed, Marta Ryvak, Fang-Yu Liang, Nick Zhao
- Paper (PDF, 1.8 MB)

"The Smart Meter and a Smarter Consumer: The First-Step Toward a More Reliable Electric Grid in the United States"
by Team 8: Aynur Taskan, Zeynep Gunay, Lucas Hiller, Jerome Gazzano, Brendan Cook, Samra Vilogorac, Sakhshi Mahajan
- Paper (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Autumn 2008

"Public Transportation Review"
by Bob Knox, Dan Koska
- Paper (PDF, 164 KB)

"The Future of Solar Energy: Power Plant Scale CSP"
by María Méndez, Tom Downes, James Blatchford
- Paper (PDF, 1020 KB)

"Liberalization of Turkish Power"
by Team 3
- Paper (PDF, KB)

"Photovoltaics vs. Solar Thermal Technology: Rival or Complement?"
by Cameron Erens, Ailen Fee, Anna Gunderson, Linda Wu
- Paper (PDF, 560 KB)

"Evaluation of the T. Boone Pickens Plan for United States Energy Independence"
by Mary Geiger, Jeff Picel, Andrew Walcher, Jian Yang
- Paper (PDF, 252 KB)

"A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Different Waste-to-Energy Technologies for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Singapore"
by Matthew McCrea, Tong Kai Tan, Hui-Hsuan Ting, Xiaoli Zuo
- Paper (PDF, 1.3 MB)

"U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation Act: Will this help India meet its energy needs and reduce global warming as the government promises?"
by Jacqueline DeFoe, Jade Eaton, Marcela Heegyun Jung, Lisa Pinsley
- Paper (PDF, 3.4 MB)

"Viability of Carbon Capture and Sequestration in Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants in the United States"
by Daniel Baksht, Youn Jin Choi, Sara Jerome, Sarah Quillin
- Paper (PDF, 2.8 MB)

Spring 2008

"Stimulating Investment in Renewable Resources and Clean Coal Technology through a Carbon Tax: China and India"
by Nellie Zhao, Servia Rindfleish, Jay Foley, Jelena Pesic
- Paper (PDF, 345 KB)
- Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint, 1.42 MB)

"Bioethanol as a Transportation Fuel: Current Status and Future Prospects"
by Shabaka Gibson, David Jarvis, Melinda Morang
- Paper (Microsoft Word Document, 109 KB)

"Future of Coal in Illinois: Case study Fisk 19"
by Amy Hee Kim, Jon Handy, Kendrick Sands
- Paper (PDF, 776 KB)
- Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint, 19.4 MB)

"Jatropha curcas L.: Biodiesel Solution or All Hype? A Scientific, Economic and Political Analysis of the Future Energy Crop"
Bryant Chen, Nick Landsman-Roos, Ryan Naughton, Kelly Olenyik
- Paper (Microsoft Word Document, 921 KB)
- Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2.78 MB)

"Building on LEED: Improving the Evaluation of Green Buildings"
by Likwan Cheng, Alp Esener, Kathryn King, Erika Larsen
- Paper (Microsoft Word Document, 367 KB)
- Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2.62 MB)

"The Energy Crisis of Nigeria: An Overview and Implications for the Future"
by Julia Kennedy-Darling, Nick Hoyt, Kyle Murao, Allison Ross
- Paper (PDF, 1 MB)

"An Analysis of the Consolidated Fuel Treatment Center Nuclear Reprocessing Initiative"
by Octavia Biris, Kyle Gracey, Katy Huff, Wai Keong Ng
- Paper (Microsoft Word Document, 94 KB)
- Presentation(Microsoft PowerPoint, 526 KB)

"Stability and Fragility of the Electric Power Grid in the U.S."
by Harin J. Contractor, Scott Duncombe, Troid O. Edwards, Chris Whaley
- Paper (Microsoft Word Document, 1.01 MB)
- Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2.88 MB)

"Photovoltaics vs. Solar Water Heating in California: Creating Incentives for Green Energy"
by Dandan Gong, Jessica Millar, Kerstin Millius, Reid Sherman
- Paper (Microsoft Word Document, 506 KB)
- Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2.74 MB)

"Wind Energy: A Thorough Examination of Economic Viability"
by Tao Xie, Nikola Pejnovic, Andrew Fischer Lees, Eve Ewing
- Paper (Microsoft Word Document, 1.32 MB)

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